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Michele Hall's Experience and Expertise Commended

"Just wanted to thank you for your help thus far, your advice and knowledge has really put our concerns to ease."    -L.P. & C.P., Barrie, ON

YMS Barrie Agent Commended by Local Client

Michele Hall's rare ability to correctly place her clients with the right lenders and very easily source and secure unconventional finance needs at a very competitive rate is the cornerstone to her success in the business. I have absolutely no reservations about ...recommending Michele's services to anyone." -A.C., Barrie, ON

I Watched My Relatives Age Before My Eyes Until Your Mortgage Store Helped Them!

Submitted by Indra Sharma:  Three years ago, relatives of mine from Elmvale were desperate to purchase a house for their family and were quickly conned into an "easy financing deal" by a Mortgage Broker that represented Xceed Mortgages.  Not only did Xceed have extremely high interest rates and monthly payments they also insisted that my relatives find two co-signers who were made as part owners on all paperwork even though the Broker or Broker-referred lawyer did not explain that to my naïve and trusting relatives.  

After the mortgage was complete and the the months progressed, I watched my relatives aging before my eyes with their financial burdens. I tried the banks to see if they could help them to get out of the Xceed Mortgage but only got a collective "NO". Finally I got in touch with "YOUR MORTGAGE STORE" at 10 Queen Street West in Elmvale and spoke to Rachel Wilson, a Mortgage Agent who was extremely well informed about finances and very personable.  I then made an appointment for my relatives and within the duration of a month Rachel helped them obtain an affordable mortgage with low payments and interest rates, no broker fees, amazing prepayment privileges and a plan to be able to renew through a chartered bank in five years.  YOUR MORTGAGE STORE also negotiated thousands of dollars off the penalty for breaking the mortgage charged by Xceed and were also able to get the co-signers signed off from the Deed for which they were inordinately grateful.

With such a great experience, I decided to find out a little bit more about this company and discovered that the person who pioneered "YOUR MORTGAGE STORE" is named Donna Mullen. Donna Mullen's career began when she was a young woman raising a child solo (who turns out to be the bright gal who helped my relatives) and, after many years in the financial services industry brought "WHOLESALE BANK MORTGAGE LENDING TO WASAGA BEACH AND AREA".  Donna's credo is to educate clients on their finances and real estate purchases while acting as the liaison between the client and chartered banks /other financial institutions. Donna really believes in her business model and has expanded her services to help more homeowners with offices in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Elmvale, Midland and Barrie.  She mentors a qualified team of Mortgage Agents who are equally committed to Donna's "Be Educated" service motto and offering clients financial expertise that covers refinancing, debt consolidation, secured lines of credit, equity take outs, recreational homes and investments properties as well as private mortgages for construction and credit repair.

I am extremely grateful that there was a place for my relatives to turn to for help and that they now have an affordable mortgage and a plan to pay it down while taking care of monthly bills and necessities. We all know that there are good and bad in all industries but when you use a local, the local person has to see you around town and are therefore more likely to give you the good service you deserve, not legally con you like the Xceed Broker did to my relatives. After our experience I can truly say that Your Mortgage Store work for the client's benefit and I therefore strongly recommend "YOUR MORTGAGE STORE" to all homeowners, especially ones struggling beneath the burden of unmanageable mortgages and other debts.

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